The Smartphone Is the Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets

by on December 12, 2013

The Smartphone Is the Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets
One year, she deciphered that I would really like a handheld GPS system to take with me on the road. Another year she determined that I would like a compact digital camera with a telephoto lens so I could snap pictures of interesting slides I saw …
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CABLING AND CONNECTORS: Navy to buy serial adapters from Sealevel
U.S. Navy radio communications experts needed a special radio adapter to upgrade U.S. Marine Corps AN/PRC networking radios to send and receive Internet Protocol (IP) data such as GPS maps, images, coordinates, and IM-type communications …
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FAA Releases Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft
This plan also provides goals, metrics, and target dates for the FAA and its government and industry partners to use in planning key activities for UAS integration.” … An example is given of regulations for commercial transport cockpit doors — what …
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Crowdsourcing is the new cloud computing — get with it, CIOs
With Street Bump, a handheld device's accelerometer and GPS help city workers locate potholes and road deficiencies. With Citizens … To load grain into a dump truck-sized vehicle, the driver used to park the bed of the truck under the grain bin. He …
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